A fisherman in a coastal village in Ramanathapuram removes fish and crabs caught in the nets retrieved from the sea.
Gokila of Kudluru in MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuary cooks using traditional woodfire, using firewood sourced from nearby forests. Minimizing depletion of firewood which is also a source of fodder for elephants is one of the key concerns for Nature Conservati
Women from Yerrambadi village in MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuary demonstrate firewood-gathering from the forest surrounding their village. In recent times, they have opted for LPG cylinders provided by Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) as an alternate fuel
Rathnamma, 40
Maheshwari holds up a bag stitched at the alternate livelihood centre in Kokkabare village. The centre aims to minimize people's dependence on non-timber produce from forests by training people in the village on stitching bags and masks.
Om Sakthi will be the companion and guide.
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